Tri-tennis ®

TRI-TENNIS Portable Tennis Wall


A new exciting innovation in the world of tennis: Tri-Tennis! This new portable tennis wall makes playing tennis possible anywhere both for amateurs and professionals!



Tri-Tennis is a portable tennis wall with a weatherproof sailcloth that is attached by springs to a galvanised-steel frame. When you hit a ball against the canvas it always returns at the same speed, irrespective of the speed of the stroke and at just the right distance for your next shot. Upon hitting the ball, Tri-Tennis portable tennis practice wall gives you sufficient time to prepare for the next stroke.

The Tri-Tennis is suitable for various playing styles and can be set up on every kind of surface and in all weathers. It is also ideal for all ages and abilities, making it a really handy device for tennis coaches. In addition, the Tri-tennis portable tennis wall is suitable for children just starting tennis as it is possible for several children to play at the same time.

Tri-tennis portable tennis wall can be used for:At home; perfect to use in the garden, driveway or in a loft/garage.   • Tennis, sports and fitness clubs; a portable tennis wall means you do not need a tennis court


Sports shops; customers are able to try their new or existing racket direct in your shop


Recreation grounds and camp sites; a portable tennis wall provides a pleasurable and child friendly addition for your visitors


Schools; without guidance, more children can play simultaneously

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