Surround Fencing
As a company we can meet all your tennis court fencing requirements, whether it is for a new surround to an existing tennis court, or for replacing old chainlink to an existing tennis court surround or for replacing some fence posts and painting them.

New Surround Fence
There are two standard systems that we usually provide our clients, tubular and angle iron. The first is the supply and erection of a 2.75m (9ft) high strutted, tubular green or black plastic coated fence to the complete surround, with a standard single leaf gate.

In many cases, for instance where the court is clearly visible from the house or you want to have a viewing area to one side then we incorporate a dropped section to one length, to a height of approximately 1m, with a small 1m x 1m gate postioned at the mid-point.

We are able to customise your tennis court fence design in numerous ways, such as providing it in black, installing extra gates, altering the fence height. Top and bottom rails can be included for extra rigidity.

The second option, at the clients request, is the supply of the surround fencing in the traditional angle iron, which is supplied galvanised and painted green or black on-site.

Finial fencing
Finial Tennis court fencing is based on the popular tubular system with an added touch of style. The support posts are fitted with a solid cast finial top for that classical refined look. Single and double gates are supplied with a solid vertical bar interlaced infill adding to the exclusive look of the court.

Works to Existing Fencing
We carry out all types of tennis court fencing repairs and replacement as necessary.

  • Scrape and painting of old ironwork
  • Replacement of fencing posts as necessary
  • Repair of broken line wires
  • Replacing the chainlink to part or to the complete fence surround

Please call us to discuss your individual tennis court fencing requirements.

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