Resurfacing Tennis Courts

Hard Courts (Macadam) Resurface

Hard Courts (Macadam) Photo Gallery

If you have a macadam type court either painted or unpainted and it is beginning to break up and fret, but is still basically sound then we should be able to simply resurface the court by laying a new layer of our TruBounce porous macadam directly over the existing old surface.

  • All-weather tennis surface.
  • An optional colourspray can be applied normally in two one green or red & green.

Synthetic Clay Resurface

Synthetic Clay

1st-Surface Ltd in conjunction with TigerTurf have introduced a breakthrough for performance tennis players looking for a genuine synthetic alternative to real clay courts. TigerTurf Baseline uses a ground breaking infill system, which results in an all round better court performance than previous synthetic clay surfaces. In certain instances, it may be possible to directly overlay the Baseline surface over the existing macadam if it is relatively sound.

  • ITF 2 court pace rating (Medium-Slow).
  • Most realistic synthetic clay product on the market.

Synthetic Grass Resurface

Should you wish to upgrade your macadam court to a new synthetic grass surface and your court is fairly level and in a sound condition it may be possible to directly overlay the existing macadam surface with the new synthetic grass. If you have an existing synthetic grass court that has become compacted and lost porosity over time and it needs replacing then again if levels are good and the base suitable you can cut up and remove the old synthetic grass and lay the new surface straight down.

Should the base have areas of subsidence and movement then it may be necessary to repair localised areas or lay a new levelling layer or macadam to the complete court area, before laying the synthetic grass surface.

  • Medium/Fast paced surface
  • Comfort underfoot
  • Suitable for all levels of play
  • Responds well to spin

Poraflex Acrylic Resurface

Poraflex Acrylic

Whatever type of court you have, you may wish to upgrade to this new porous acrylic surface. Depending on the condition of your current court, it is possible to lay this surface directly over your existing surface.

If you have a macadam court in fairly good condition, it would simply need cleaning off to remove dirt, debris and moss and then patched in any small areas where necessary before laying the Poraflex surface.

If your current court is a synthetic grass then it is possible to take up the existing carpet to reveal the macadam layer underneath. If this macadam layer is sound enough then it would be simply cleaned and prepared as above for the new Poraflex surface. Should your court be fretting, subsiding or breaking up then it would be necessary to first lay a new layer of macadam over the existing macadam and then lay the Poraflex surface over the top.

The Poraflex surface would then be coloursprayed in colours of your choice, usually two tone green or red and green.

  • Please note that if your court is structurally poor and there is evidence of undulations and the surface is completely breaking up then you would most probably have to have the court completely reconstructed.
  • This would normally involve adding a levelling layer of stone base before carrying out the works as outlined for resurfacing.
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